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2 sep. 2015. A guide to the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus system.. I have the ww points plus calculator but no manual and need to change my weight . side salad, 1. List corrections: PointsPlus™ PLan. After we sent the Pocket Guide, the Dining Out Companion, and the Complete Food Companion® to. 10 dec. 2011 she shared a PDF file that her leader gave her of all the changes in PointsPlus Values for 2012 in the Pocket Guide. Weight Watchers Points Plus Cheat sheet - (Do not use this as your only method of determining PointsPlus values. Only use this if "it's an emergency" and I . Weight Watchers Points Plus Pocket Guide Unknown Binding. Pocket size Points guide to carry with you at all times. Lists food values for many items. Also has . 19 okt. 2017. WWPointsPlusCompleteFoodList.pdf - Google Drive Weight Watchers Points List,. A scanned PDF of the points plus values for generic foods. If this sounds like you, then check out the spreadsheet to track your points. This one file will work for the new Smart Points, Points Plus and even the . If you’re looking for a diet program that fits into your lifestyle, you might join the millions who are members of Weight Watchers. This international company uses a point system to help dieters reach a target weight or body mass index. Lea.

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